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Online Workshop on the Space Sector’s Soft Skills organized by ASTRAIOS

As part of the ASTRAIOS project, an online "Space Sector Soft Skills" workshop was successfully organized and held by the International Space University (ISU), ASTRAIOS partner, on the 27th of November 2023. The workshop covered important topics, such as recruitment, retention, skills needs and gaps, and training provision specialized for the space sector.

Workshop attendance was by “invitation-only” and aimed at achieving a multi-stakeholder approach with representations, in particular of Human Resources/Talent Management functions from the different segments of the space sector such as industry, space agencies, specialised recruitment firms, academia, private companies, start-ups, etc. Namely, the Workshop was proudly attended by: HESpace, ESRIC, Leanspace, D-Orbit, OHB, Luxembourg Space Agency, Thales Alenia, Airbus, Maana Electric and ESA.

Themes and questions were co-designed by ISU and Space Skills Alliance together with all partners from the ASTRAIOS consortium, with the goal of collecting actionable data on soft skills matters within the European space industry and addressing key challenges and identifying potential gaps.

The workshop participants engaged in fruitful and stimulating discussions throughout the event which will further culminate in future recommendations for actions that can be further implemented to improve the European and UK space sector’s workforce soft skills.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Danjiella Ignjatovic Stupar:

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