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Our Plan

ASTRAIOS will follow 4 distinct steps to achieve its ambitious goals and that will ultimately lead to the provision of actions and recommendations to support the development of appropriate skills in the European space sector.

Status-quo Analysis
Trends & Challenges
Gap Analysis & Recommendations

Map, assess and analyze the currrent space curricula and courses offered in the EU-27, including demographics, stock & flows, success rate and career opportunities, leading to the creation of a benchmark for space education in Europe. 

Locate the main trends and challenges in space programmes and technologies, to pave the way towards an optimal match between skills offer and workforce demands in the space sector. 

Identify main gaps  in terms of skills and re-skilling needs, geographical gaps and student mobility, diversity, inclusion and equality, leading to improved decision making at institutional level.

Pinpoint keyways forward, towards the harmonisation of the European space sector’s curricula, qualifications and skills required to create a pool of highly skilled professionals that will positively impact Europe’s growth potential and capabilities in space. 

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