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Our Web Catalogue on space-related curricula and courses offered in EU27 & UK is now Available online!

ASTRAIOS is pleased to share with you the product of a year’s work through the recently curated web catalogue with the analyzed degree programs and courses in the space sector offered in the EU27 & UK in 2023.


As the competitiveness and innovation of the EU space sector depend on high educational standards and the availability of skilled professionals in the field, as well as the possibility for these professionals to enhance and update their skills through their careers so that they can adapt to changing circumstances, this catalogue will serve the EU & UK space community as a whole.


Our team, led by our partners at the University of Twente, selected and analyzed the courses and educational standards of 140 Degree Programs (DPs) at Bachelor (26 DPs) and MSc (114 DPs) levels, 19 PhD programs, and 58 continuing education courses. Gathered DPs have been mapped across 28 knowledge domains and 106 knowledge areas identified in ASTRAIOS and across the different segments of the value chain of space activities relevant to the three space sectors: upstream, midstream, and downstream.

The analyzed DPs and courses are shared in a structured and curated web catalogue that allows users to search, and retrieve collected DPs and courses based on country, institution, language, space sector, knowledge areas, knowledge domains, or European Qualifications Framework levels.

To directly access this useful Catalogue please click here.

The ASTRAIOS team will raise awareness about its web catalogue during several scientific conferences and has already secured a presentation slot at the upcoming IGARSS 2024, which will take place 7-12 July 2024, in Athens Greece.


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