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DATA A THON Competition at University of Twente

As part of the project’s data collection efforts, University of Twente (UT) research team organized the DATA A Thon competition for the Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, ITC Faculty Master students. The Data-a-thon Competition aimed to provide a platform for participants to demonstrate their expertise in data input and offered an opportunity for the students to learn, compete, and connect with fellow data enthusiasts.

The competition officially commenced on 21 June 2023, with 10 participants attending the kickoff workshop. During the workshop, the UT team presented the objectives and scope of the ASTRAIOS project and explained the rules and regulations of the competition. In addition, they conducted a live demonstration of data entry to ensure participants had a clear understanding of the task.

The competition closed on 23 July at midnight, with the participants sharing their submissions for assessment. The UT team assessed both the quantity and quality of the submissions and consequently, the top three winners were announced, securing prizes for their exceptional efforts and contributions.

The competition had a tangible impact on the project's data entry efforts, adding 39 degree programs and 929 courses to the project's dataset. The ASTRAIOS team thanks all the participants for their valuable contributions.

From left to right: Raian Vargas Maretto (UT-ITC), Wibi Maulana Ikram Wibisana (Student M-GEO), Mariana Belgiu (UT-ITC), Chiel Stroeven (UT-ITC), Hanh La (UT-ITC), Salsabila Salsabila Ramadhani Prasetya (Student M-GEO), Yolla Al Asmar (UT-ITC), Marco Cattaneo (Student M-SE).


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