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A successful 2nd ASTRAIOS Workshop on ESG practices in the Space Sector

This 2nd ASTRAIOS Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Peer to Peer learning workshop took place on April 25, 2024 with a total of 18 participants.


Specifically, during this workshop, the participants were reintroduced to the ASTRAIOS project, reviewed ESG workshop goal(s) and the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance practices in relation to the scope of the project. Additionally, the results of the project on the analysis of the space-curricula in the EU and UK were presented to stimulate discussion on if there is any activity, action, and/or instrument(s) in place in the workplace to tackle, e.g.: lack of (soft)skills, knowledge, domains, background, gender, nationality, age, etc.


The workshop then delved into getting to know the participants and their level of ESG reporting experience, industry sector, material focus, ESG actions and instruments implemented or planned, frameworks in place, contexts, actors involved, their impact in the short and long term, lessons learnt, old and new trends, challenges and opportunities.


The participants further exchanged knowledge on ESG practices (from low to high level of expertise and experience, in space and non-space sectors), and continued building capacities and networking to produce the ASTRAIOS ESG best practices book in the Space Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities.

This workshop is part of a continued ESG peer-to-peer learning process which started with the first workshop that took place on December 11, 2023. A final workshop is planned to take place in 2025 and the final date will be announced and shared with the participants in due time.

The workshop was organized by our partners AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen, together with ASTRAIOS coordinator, the European Science Foundation, and the Space Skills Alliance.



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