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ASTRAIOS Space Sector Survey Remains Open Until 30th of November!

To provide all substantial stakeholders a chance to express and echo their voices, our EU Space Ecosystem overview survey will remain open for 10 more days – until 30th of November, 2023.

Navigating the Space Sector: Key Insights We are seeking the invaluable opinions of space sector stakeholders like you! Dive into a comprehensive survey that touches upon:

  • Your views on current space activities.

  • Your involvement in ongoing space programmes.

  • Your perspective on the vast cosmos of available space applications, services, products, and technologies.

Shape the Future of European Space Education & Industry!

We aim to:

Evaluate - Delve into the current applications, services, and technologies of the space sector.

Assess - Take stock of the ongoing programmes facilitated by the EU.

Identify - Unearth the hidden gems and future opportunities in the vast expanse of the space sector.

Why participating would be important?

In the vast expanse of space, each stakeholder's perspective is invaluable. Your insights will not only help shape the trajectory of European space education and industry but also ensure that future endeavours are tailored to meet real-world needs and challenges.

By contributing to this survey, you're not just voicing your opinions; you're actively participating in crafting a brighter, more innovative future for space technology, services, products and applications. Remember, the space sector's evolution is not just about reaching new frontiers but also about ensuring that our journey is inclusive, forward-thinking, and aligned with the aspirations of all its stakeholders. Your voice matters; let it echo!


Got queries? Reach out to us at


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